Dispo-Safe Laboratory Waste Containers


With a Large 110mm  Diameter neck the Dispo-Safe is easy to use and can safely contain large items including pipettes.


It is easy to see when they are full, being moulded from clear plastic and they can be used dry or with disinfectant.


Impact resitant design makes these simple, inexpensive laboratory discard containers safe, strong and robust. 


Yellow label printed with biohazard symbol and instructions in black (in line with safety labelling practices).

Colour Coded Caps

The Disposafe are also available with different coloured caps. You can change the colour cap when purchasing online or let us know directly.

The Dispo-Safe products are manufactured using UK sourced raw materials and assembled in the UK

Made in the UK

Autoclave Bins 

  • Moulded in thick, heat stable Polypropylene
  • Withstands 134℃
  • Tough & Stackable Design
  • Less expensive and Lightweight compared to Metal Bins
  • Resistant to Splitting & Not scratching surfaces
  • Available in different colours & sizes
  • Provides years of service


Available in various sizes, colours & with secure clips











Slide Drying Sheets

Fine grade, non fluff, highly absorbent, pre-cut sheets for drying glass microscope slides following staining procedures, etc.



Dermapak is the unique, purpose designed system for the safe and convenient handling and transportation of dermatological specimens for mycological investigations.

Petridish Holders

Specially designed to fit in with the majority of shelving arrangements in refrigerators and incubators

and still accommodate an optimum number of dishes. Manufactured using white nylon coated steel to produce a lightweight yet tough and durable.

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