BLOT-A-SLIDE Slide Drying Sheets

Designed by MSC and Manufactured in the UK

Fine grade, non fluff, highly absorbent, pre-cut sheets for drying glass microscope slides following staining procedures etc.


Unlike blotting paper, Blot-A-Slide is stringently controlled to eliminate fluff, dust and abrasive particles which can affect the optical appearance of the dried slide when viewed microscopically.


Blot-A-Slide is made from a highly and rapidly absorbent grade of filter paper which is also moisture retentive and has high wet strength.


The sheets are sized to accomodate up to 5 standard slides thus eliminating waste. the sheets are wrapped (250 sheets/wrap) and boxed (4 wraps/box, i.e. 1000 sheets) to maintain cleanliness and prevent moisture absorbtion during storage.

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